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Catching Your Flight

Should you use an airport hotel?

If you have an early morning flight, checking into an airport hotel the evening before would be your safest option. Otherwise, you may have to deal with Murphy's Law, which says, "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong." What could go wrong? Anything from a flat tire to a snowstorm to heavy traffic on the freeway.

Yes, you would have to pay for one night in a hotel. But that one night would be less expensive and less stressful than rebooking your missed flight. Plus, your celebration would begin one day early with your significant other.

Before booking your room, call the hotel and verify that the hotel provides:

* Free airport shuttle service.

* Parking during your trip. Expect to pay a daily rate, which will probably be lower than airport parking.

After booking a hotel, you have the option of booking a ride-share service such as Lyft or Uber to get you there, thereby eliminating parking fees. Later, you would take the hotel shuttle to the airport. Do not attempt to use a ride-share service to transport you directly from home to the airport, because doing so could invoke Murphy's Law.

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