Cruising Correctly

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If you do it right, you will have a great time!

If booked correctly, a cruise can be an awesome experience. But how do you avoid the many pitfalls?

Your first step to review your cruise options via Expedia. Reducing the need to jump from website to website, Expedia offers deals on cruise lines including Carnival, Celebrity X, MSC, Princess and Royal Caribbean. Note: If the Expedia link does not work with your phone, connect with your laptop.

For family cruises, consider Disney. If you are feeling a bit naughty, check out the next Temptation cruise sailing from Miami.

Your second step is to coordinate your flight with your cruise. In this era of flight delays and last-minute cancellations, you should not try to fly to the port on the same day as the cruise sailing. If you do, the cruise ship could sail without you as you rush to the dock.

Instead, you should arrive at the port city at least one day before the sailing date. Therefore, you need to book a hotel in the port city. Before reserving your room, call the hotel to confirm transportation from the hotel to the port.

Considering that you need to stay at least one night in the port city, why not make it two or three nights? For example, New Orleans is a port city with many attractions. The Port of New Orleans hosts cruise lines including Carnival, Norwegian, and Royal Caribbean. Your third step is to book your flights.

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