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The Caribbean's most popular resort area

In 2019, TripAdvisor ranked Jamaica as the #1 Caribbean Destination. Why? Jamaica is an island with warm people, clear blue waters, great food, and happy vibes. Whatever holiday you are seeking, Jamaica will be a perfect fit. In addition to the influence of Bob Marley, the island is home to scenic rain forests, thriving wildlife, and unique treasures of nature.

Plus, there are numerous all-inclusive resorts. Your adults-only options include:

* Couples Swept Away in Negril

* Hedonism II in Negril

Your family-friendly options include the Holiday Inn Montego Bay and the Moon Palace Resort in Ocho Rios. For additional family-friendly all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica, check Expedia.

Your next step is to reserve your flights and arrange transportation between the airport and your hotel.

You also have the option of booking your trip as a package. For the pros and cons of packaging, see Either way, you must make vacation preparations.

For excursions, see

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