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Room Selection

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Room Selection could make or break your vacation

Hotel rooms typically have one king bed or two double beds. If you are going single, the choice may not much matter to you.

If you are traveling with a friend or significant other, room selection does matter. Unless previously specified, room assignments are based on availability, giving the reception clerk the option of assigning an inappropriate room. So, the clerk could assign two double beds to a couple or a king bed to two friends.

To avoid this situation, you want to exert as much control in advance as possible. The ability to preselect room types should be a factor in resort selection, especially for a group trip, which may include singles, couples, or platonic friends.

If the room type is important to you and the resort's booking option says something like “Bedding: 1 Bed or 2 Beds,” don't touch it! Instead, select a resort that lets you specify your room type. Resorts offering this option include the:

* Hacienda Buenaventura Hotel in Puerto Vallarta

* Adults-only Hilton Playa del Carmen resort on the Riveria Maya.

* Occidental Caribe in Punta Cana

* Adults-only Riu Reggae Hotel in Montego Bay

* San Juan Hotels Dorado Beach in Puerto Rico (European plan)

* S Hotel Jamaica in Montego Bay

During the check-in process, verify that your room assignment is correct. Before accepting the keys, you should ask, "How many beds does this room have?" Also ask, "Is this room on the first floor? If not, does it have a balcony?"

There is one more step before you enjoy your vacation. After you check in, inspect the room for points including:

* Does the room have the number of beds promised?

* Is it clean? Does it smell fresh, not like smoke?

* Does the television work? Do all of the lights work? If the room has a safe, does it work?

* If you paid for an upgrade, did you receive it?

If you have to change rooms, it is easier to do so before you unpack.

What were your experiences regarding room selection? After logging in, enter your comments below.

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