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Snorkeling Safely

Do it right for an awesome experience

Done correctly, snorkeling can be an awesome experience. You can get close to nature as fish and turtles swim by. For me, it was a new world of color and nature. In the Bahamas, multi-colored fish swam inches from my face.

To enjoy a similar experience, you should take steps to protect your safety, which requires advance planning. While planning your vacation, purchase a snorkel if you don’t already have one. Even if you have extensive experience in snorkeling, do you want something in your mouth that has been in the mouths of many people? Yuck!

If you are not a pro, you want a dry snorkel, which prevents water from flowing into the top and into your mouth, thereby cutting off air. Speaking from personal experience, water in your mouth is not pleasant.

Therefore, before departure, you should purchase a dry snorkel from your local sporting goods store. After arrival, you should practice with your equipment in the resort pool before going on the snorkeling excursion.

When you book your excursion, ask whether the boat crew will distribute life vests or swim belts. If the excursion operator provides only swim belts, book your excursion with a different operator.

Unless you are professional, a life vest is your best option because it straps across your chest instead of your waist, giving you buoyancy where you need it. Ask a crew member to check the fittings of your life vest and snorkel mask. And, of course, the crew should provide fins.

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