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Group Travel

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

Having fun with friends and family

A group trip can be tons of fun! It is especially nice when you have dinner with your friends and family or go on excursions with them. Imagine dining with friends and family in an elegant restaurant.

Now imagine that you are enjoying this ala carte dinner at no additional cost because the resort is all inclusive. After dinner, your group can enjoy a show -- again at no additional cost.

The question is: How to coordinate your group trip? If you do not coordinate your group trip, some of your group members will select the wrong flights, dates, and/or hotel.

To avoid confusion, use the following procedure:

1) If everyone in your group is an adult, see If your fellow travelers are adventurous, check out the Temptation Cancun resort. If you need a family-friendly resort, see

2) Would you, your family and friends prefer a particular destination? Your choices include Cancun, Jamaica, Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, Punta Cana and the Riviera Maya.

3) After reviewing the Room Selection page, select the resort and dates for your group trip. Save the link for your selection.

4) Decide whether or not each group member should book the trip as a package. If you choose the package option, skip to Step 7.

5) Before making a payment, check the resort's cancellation policy. You need to safely hold your resort reservation while making your airline reservation.

6) Book your flight as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the higher the airfare.

7) Now that you have made your resort and airline reservations -- either separately or as a package, you can invite your friends and family. Using the resort link, promote your trip on, which will provide a link to your event. Meanwhile, Evite will assist in tracking RSVPs.

You can share your event link via email and social media, such as Facebook. You also have the option of setting up a Facebook group for yourself and your fellow travelers.

8) After your fellow travelers have made their reservations, add the following links to the beginning of your Evite invitation:

After updating the invitation, press the Update button sending the updated information to your fellow travelers.

9) Your next step is to arrange airport transfers, which provide transportation between the airport and the resort. If your destination is in Mexico, the Caribbean or Hawaii, Amstar is your best choice. For other destinations, you should prebook a taxi. You do not want to place yourself and your fellow travelers at the mercy of unknown taxi drivers.

Does this sound complicated? That is because coordinating a group trip is complicated. For assistance at no charge, contact Jerry Tubbs at

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